"Charming, delightful... I loved it. A fun Christmas tale
that makes you feel warm all over."

Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine

"Byerrum spins a mystery out of (very luxurious)
 whole cloth with the best of them."
Chick Lit Books
"A fun character and a great amateur sleuth.
Just like a little black dress, you can’t go wrong
 with a Lacey Smithsonian mystery."
CA Reviews
"A truly intriguing mystery... the way a fun mystery
should be. Be prepared for a great read!"
Armchair Interviews
"A thoroughly enjoyable mystery!
A delightful cast of characters... a narrative
with such excitement that the pages just fly by."
 Mysterious Reviews
Christmas in Washington: It's a killer.

“You have to come NOW! The lady is hurt!”  The voice of a frightened child draws fashion reporter and sometime sleuth Lacey Smithsonian down a dark alley in Washington, D.C., and deep into a mystery that endangers more than just her Christmas spirit. On the eve of The Eye Street Observer's holiday party, the newspaper’s crankiest Grinch falls victim to a mysterious assailant in a Santa Claus cap. A rival journalist, a political terrorist, an enraged reader? Or something far more sinister? Both the victim’s life and Lacey's newsroom are full of suspects, and what’s her boyfriend Vic secretly building in his garage? Lacey's caught in a Christmas crossfire! Her holiday glow is fading faster than reindeer can fly. The key is an elusive runaway child in a shepherd's robe, and to save Christmas Lacey will have to play shepherd herself. Can she find one little lamb lost in the wintery wilderness of Washington--before the wolf finds them both?



Lacey's Fashion Bite of the Day:
Wearing tweed on the beach? Flip-flops in the snow? Oh no! You're a victim of SAD:
Seasonal Apparel Disorder. Get professional help now! (Call your stylist.)
And remember: Never wear flip-flops to the White House.
Grave Apparel
The Fifth Crime of Fashion Mystery
SIGNET  ISBN 0-451-22178-8  $6.99
LARGE PRINT EDITION! See the News page for information.
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