"A delightfully wicked wit!"
Scripps Howard News Service
"Hilarious crime caper...The heroine is stubborn, intractable and totally adorable. Byerrum has a hit series on her hands with her latest tale!"
The Midwest Book Review
"Engaging story with an intriguing plot...filled with suspense and intrigue. [Lacey and Vic's] romance is a delight to observe. Lacey's columns...are the epitome of wit."
My Shelf
"A humorous romp... Will delight the fashion-conscious... Lively characters and rapid action."
Gumshoe Review
"Wow! I loved it! I could not put it down! I loved everything about the book from the characters to the plot to the fast-paced and
witty writing."
Round Table Reviews
A princess died in this corset. Who wouldn't kill for it?
"Find the corset!" Corset maker Magda Rousseau's dying words send her friend, fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian, on a high-stakes scavenger hunt, racing against death. Magda's family secrets held clues to the fabled jewel-filled corset of a Romanov princess, and finding the corset would mean wealth beyond her wildest dreams. Lacey signs on for the fashion story of the century and a chance to see Paris, the city of her dreams--and a refuge from her romantic troubles. But murder ends Magda's dream on the eve of their trip, and now Lacey must follow a tangled thread of clues across two continents, pursued by spies, jewel thieves and a murderer. "Bloody thread, knock 'em dead!" was a favorite saying of Magda's, a theatre costumer's good-luck wish. If the seamstress happens to prick her finger, Magda said, her drop of blood ensures the play's success. But will this bloody thread lead Lacey to the fabulous lost corset and her lost love--or the tightening embrace of a killer? 
Lacey's Fashion Bite of the Day:
Need that swagger of a sexy secret under your conservative suit? Need that jolt of pure physical
confidence that comes from within (or someplace pretty close to it)?
You need--the Red Bra of Courage!
Raiders of the Lost Corset
The Fourth Crime of Fashion Mystery
SIGNET  ISBN 0-451-21903-1  $6.99

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