More plays by Eliot Byerrum (a.k.a. Ellen Byerrum)
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Ghost Dance  They say the Ghost Dance made the dead rise again. And ghosts rise to stalk the present, when a woman who can't let go of the past lures her old lover to the site of a forgotten massacre.
The Angel of Death Rises Early 
A troubled female private eye, a case she doesn't want, a murdered woman who might have been her double, a friend who might be her killer. Who will the angel of death come for today?
Boom Town Blues  Newsflash: Liberal senator with a scandal, snowbound in a gun-crazy boomtown! And one young female reporter, caught in the middle. Her scoop of a lifetime? Or the end of the road?
Red She Said 
Stress is not just a byproduct in this office, it's our most important product! Until one stressed-out woman has finally had enough. It's time to give a little back to The Boss From Hell.
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Interviewing Techniques for the Self-Conscious
What they would never dare tell you in the job interview. What you could never dare ask--but wish you could. What if you both could say exactly what you're thinking?
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