Plays by Eliot Byerrum (Ellen Byerrum's theatrical pen name)
These two plays are published by Samuel French, Inc.  Contact them concerning production rights and royalties.
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A Christmas Cactus
A holiday mystery comedy in two acts
Published by Samuel French, Inc.
Samuel French Catalog #5901
ISBN 0-573-69517-2
Christmas Eve is no bed of roses for struggling private eye Cactus O'Riley, a fiery redhead with a bad case of the holiday blues. It's a tough business; is she really cut out to be a detective? Should she try to scrape up the rent, or close up shop for good? The last surprise package she needs is a lovelorn deputy D.A., a pair of armed-and-goofy fugitives hunting some dead private eye, and her male secretary's overbearing mother, who mistakes a tense hostage situation for just the perfect little holiday murder mystery party.
It's a Dickens of a Christmas for Cactus as she digs up long-buried mysteries, looks for a few small miracles, and takes a second chance on love, luck, and the life of a private eye.                     
Remedial Surveillance As if teaching this cheap night school private eye class weren't enough aggravation for a burned-out detective named Buzz, now he's got star pupil Irene, a bored Bloomingdale's buyer with a Bogart-Bacall obsession. She's a spunky gumshoe wannabe who drives him nuts with her so-called "fashion clues." Buzz has her pegged as a dizzy dame who's seen too many old movies, but Irene is full of surprises: Her surveillance homework project not only catches Buzz with his pants down, it might just save his hide.
Deja Rendezvous Buzz and Irene: partners? The seen-it-all ex-cop trying for a comeback and the worn-it-all ex-Bloomie's buyer living out her film-noir fantasy can't seem to agree on anything, not even on splitting up. And the detective biz isn't booming in their shabby little office next to a singing telegram company. When a flamboyant femme fatale out of Buzz's past threatens to poison their partnership (and a lot more), it looks like Buzz and Irene's last case. Unless they can discover that together they might just have what it takes.
Gumshoe Rendezvous
Two one-act comedies of mystery and romance:
Remedial Surveillance
Deja Rendezvous
Published by Samuel French, Inc.
Samuel French Catalog #9205
ISBN 0-573-62787-8
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