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Independent Bookstores
The independent bookstore is the heart of the traditional bookselling world. A good bookseller adds life and literature to a neighborhood. If you love books, please support our indie bookstores. Click on the link above to find one near you.
Mystery Bookstores
Mystery bookstores are an invaluable resource for mystery readers, writers, and fans. They know the world of mysteries and can help you discover new books and authors. These stores are fun, welcoming places for mystery lovers to browse, talk books, and meet writers and fellow fans. Please support our mystery bookstores.

Some of my favorite mystery and independent bookstores:


 Mystery Loves Company

Oxford, MD

(They often have signed copies.)


One More Page 

Falls Church, VA


Novel Places

Clarksburg, MD


 Mystery Lovers Bookshop 

Oakmont, PA


The Doylestown Bookshop 

Doylestown, PA


Mysterious Galaxy 

San Diego, CA


Centuries & Sleuths

Forest Park, IL


Murder by the Book

Houston, TX


Seattle Mystery Bookshop 

Seattle, WA





You can buy my books and plays, in print and ebook form, at most bookstores and online booksellers. Most of the links here take you directly to my books. Thanks for shopping!
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My books and plays are available from online booksellers and traditional bookstores. Click on the stack of books at the right to go to my Book Shopping page. Most of the links there take you directly to my books. Thanks for shopping!
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